ASI Class Schedule and Calendar of Events


The American Stormwater Institute, LLC offers courses in a live setting and online that deal with developing the knowledge and skills required to conduct stormwater inspections. Our courses are based on a “Real World” attitude of finding implementable solutions to the challenges that stormwater inspectors face every day. The state and federal regulations require that “QUALIFIED PERSONS” conduct inspections related to stormwater permits. The overarching goal of the ASI classes is to ensure that our students are well qualified to conduct these inspections.


We offer a variety of courses, on location and via webinar, all of which are instructor-led.


Students who successfully complete our courses will be awarded a certification which is valid for three years. ASI also awards CEU's or PDH's so that you can meet professional certification training requirements. ASI instructors are former State or local officials in the stormwater profession. They have extensive experience in the field. They have conducted hundreds of stormwater inspections and have trained thousands of people throughout the United States.


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Qualified Industrial Stormwater Inspector (QISI)

Online - no venue , United States

This one-day online course is designed for industrial inspectors, environmental personnel, plant managers, operators, and other staff that are impacted by stormwater permit requirements.

Stormwater Inspector Requalification (SIR)

Online - no venue , United States

This is a four-hour course designed to update you on the many changes related to conducting stormwater inspections. This requalification course applies to all classes taught by the American Stormwater Institute and renews your certification for an additional three years.

Qualified Construction Stormwater Inspector (QCSI)

Online - no venue , United States

Students will learn the basis for permit requirements and will be provided with an in-depth introduction to the state construction general permit. During this discussion you will be introduced to inspection and evaluation methods and techniques to ensure that permittees are in compliance with permit requirements.

Qualified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector (QESI)

Online - no venue , United States

This one-day online course is for stormwater inspectors including construction stormwater inspectors, municipal stormwater inspectors, construction site managers, SWPPP writers, SWPPP installers, project engineers, SWPPP designers and SWPPP maintenance personnel.

Qualified MS4 Stormwater Inspector (QSI)

Online - no venue , United States

This one-day online course is designed for MS4 inspectors of all kinds (stormwater, engineering, code enforcement, health, and water quality), construction site and industrial personnel that may encounter MS4 stormwater issues including stormwater inspectors, building inspectors, engineering review staff.