Testimonials From Our Graduates

Thank you very much for an informative and interesting class which you instructed on Stormwater Inspections this past week in Bordentown.

Tom Gant
Environmental and Technical Services

I enjoyed the training and learned a great deal over the last two days.  I deal mostly with roadway projects so the biggest take away for me was to see and hear how other industries (commercial, residential etc.) are enforcing the MS4 permit.  It is so easy to forget that the MS4 involves so many other things when you predominantly deal with work in just one industry.  I also liked the examples you provided of the different types of illicit discharges.  These are good to know as an inspector but can be easily bypassed if one does not know what to look for.  I will pass your information along to some of my other colleagues who may also be interested in attending this training in the future.  Thanks again!

Shandale Forbes, EIT
Senior Engineering Technician | Designer

ASI class photo 2019As the City’s Code Enforcement Officer, my responsibilities in the Plan involve inspecting commercial and residential construction sites to make sure they follow the City’s construction and stormwater management ordinances. Since I attended the seminar, I’ve gotten better at identifying BMPs at construction sites and making decisions on whether said BMPs are working. I’m not alone in the enforcement of Youngsville‘s SWMP because my boss, the Public Works Director, is also a qualified stormwater inspector. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of stormwater management at the seminar. What you taught me will be put to good use.

Garrett Noel
Code Enforcement Officer
City of Youngsville/Public Works

Thank you Fred for the expert training class.

Marion D. Jehens,
Project Engineer
WestCoast Public Works, Inc.