About ASI

The American Stormwater Institute, LLC is dedicated to providing quality training to professionals in the area of conducting stormwater inspections and understanding stormwater permitting requirements. We are recognized as a small, woman owned business located in Abingdon, MD but we work throughout the USA.

Both state and federal regulations require that “Qualified Personnel” conduct stormwater permit inspections. ASI has developed specialized courses that not only inform students about stormwater permitting and how to conduct professional inspections, but also allow students who successfully complete the course to be recognized as “Qualified.”

ASI does this through classes that are formed at specific locations which typically are focused on one state’s requirements. We also conduct online classes that cover the same general concepts as the onsite classes but also address specific concerns of students that may be simultaneously located throughout the USA. ASI is frequently asked to develop training for private groups that may want to discuss specific issues. Our team of instructors is comfortable and capable of providing quality training through each of these approaches.

There also are some instances where municipalities or other groups request that we provide not only specific training for some of their employees but also that we provide assistance in conducting municipal site stormwater inspections. This approach is usually beneficial to train support staff about stormwater requirements and to provide further insight for stormwater inspectors.

For more information, please contact us or read about our instructors and their qualifications.