Qualified MS4 LID/GI Inspector (QLIDI) – ONLINE COURSE

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MS4 stormwater permits increasingly require that Low Impact Development and/or Green Infrastructure (LID/GI) techniques be incorporated into compliance efforts for the Post Construction Minimum Control Measure. As a result, municipalities now are including site LID/GI BMPs into the plan review and development processes. In general, LID/GI BMPs can be useful in reducing municipal stormwater volumes and pollutant loads.

ASI course for LID-GIThe real question then becomes: WHAT IS LID? GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE? As an MS4 inspector, engineer, or planner you are going be called upon to evaluate whether these techniques are worthwhile, will they work, and/or how do you incorporate more of LID/GI BMPs into your MS4 permit compliance activities. You will be called upon to inspect these BMPs and teach and inform others as to the proper LID/GI design, construction, and maintenance techniques. Because LID/GI BMPs are so useful they can be employed throughout your municipality including parks, streets and parking lots, shopping centers, commercial and industrial sites, retail locations, municipal motor pools, city parking lots, all construction sites, residential lots, and related open spaces.

Understanding that your goal is to keep all departments of your municipality in compliance with the MS4 permit, this course is for people who perform MS4 stormwater inspections, review plans, or build LID/GI structures. The course concentrates on what you need to do to be effective in the real world and ensures that you meet the standards in stormwater knowledge and competency to evaluate and conduct LID/GI BMPs inspections.

This one-day online course is taught in a dynamic, informative, and interactive manner. This allows you to interface not only with the instructor but also with the other participants. That way you enhance your learning experience by the opportunity to interact with people from around the USA.

This course is designed to expand the knowledge base of all MS4 site inspection and planning personnel that deal with or may impact stormwater discharge quality issues including: MS4 stormwater inspectors, building inspectors, planners, site managers, engineering review staff, SWPPP developers, MS4 SCPs, equipment operators, park staff, contract staff, DPW management, maintenance staff, road maintenance staff, concrete workers, consultants, code inspectors, construction inspectors, interns and industrial inspectors. This is the course to get everyone on board with these exciting stormwater management enhancements.

Topics covered:

  • What is LID and Green Infrastructure, and Why are we dealing with this now?
  • Rainfall and Soils -Basic Interactions for LID/GI Inspectors.
  • Green Infrastructure/LID Best Management Practices.
  • Inspection and Evaluation Methods.
  • Questions and answers.